Friday, May 28, 2010

The Texas-Tea Party's Crowning Achievement

The worst attack ever on American soil?

Invading the wrong country and the ensuing geopolitical tailspin of America's reputation?

Expanding executive governmental power to the point of including unaccountable spying on our own citizenry?

Placing lobbyists in positions of expertise and allowing corporations to purchase their own government and judicial systems?

Historical welfare-for-the-rich economic tailspin?

Nope. Rightwing ideology has finally outdone itself: Thanks to 30 years of work-punishing, deregulating, free-market, welfare-for-the-rich Reaganomics, we now have conservative ideology's crowning achievement: the worst environmental disaster in history.

Of course we still need to be "fair and balanced" in how we portray this, regardless of how historically disastrous one side's record becomes.